• Two additional differential analog input channels (four single-ended)
  • Range on all analog input channels increased to ±5 V
  • 50/60 Hz rejection uses full cycle integration
  • Pulse inputs have 24-bit counters; maximum input frequencies do not require special configuration
  • Switched 12 V does not require use of control port
  • Custom ASIC chip gives the eight control ports the capability for:
    • Pulse counting: all eight ports support direct input of high frequency signals or switch closures, low level AC possible with LLAC4
    • Pairs of ports can be configured as COM ports with the capability for serial communications:
      • 300 to 115200 baud
      • Smart sensor input, no SDM-SIO4 needed
      • Short distance wired network (up to 50 feet)
      • CR1000-to-CR1000 communications
  • RS-232 communication interface port (not isolated) in addition to CS I/O
  • Parallel interface port for CompactFlash Storage Module
  • Standard memory equivalent to CR10X-2M, 4 M optional
  • Four times the processing speed
  • Lower quiescent current
  • Battery-backed clock is accurate to 3 minutes per year

Operating System

  • CRBasic programming language
  • PakBus® communication protocol
  • Table Data Storage

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