Check the status of your CR1000, display or plot sensor readings, and enter numeric data

The CR1000KD is used to check datalogger status, display or plot sensor readings and stored values, and to enter numeric data or change port/flag state. One CR1000KD may be carried from station to station in a CR1000 network.

The CR1000KD displays 8 lines x 21 characters (64 x 128 pixels) and has a 16- character keyboard.

The display allows you to view your data in numeric form or view a plot of your data to determine trends. The CR1000KD is powered by the datalogger’s power supply. An SC12 connects the CR1000KD to the CR1000WP; the two connectors on the SC12 allow connection of additional peripherals. The CR1000KD is ONLY compatible with the CR1000- series dataloggers; it is NOT compatible with any other datalogger.

The CR1000KD supports the use of custom menus. This allows the user to set up choices within the datalogger program that can be initiated by a simple "toggle" or "pick from a list" in the CR1000KD display menu. Examples of custom displays include "Initiate Sensor Calibration Sequence" vs. "Bypass Sensor Calibration Sequence."

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