We are pleased to add three new aluminum tripods, the CM110 (10 feet), CM115 (15 feet), and CM120 (20 feet), to our tripod offerings. These lightweight tripods have been designed to provide an adjustable mounting platform for sensors, sensor mounts, and enclosures. They are light enough to carry to remote sites and are roughly half the weight of our CM6 or CM10 steel tripods. A tilt-down mast, hand tightened leg locks, and new brackets for the ENC-series enclosures facilitate quick deployment of the tripods.

Several accessories are available for purchase to complement the tripods. A canvas tote bag accommodates all of the components for one tripod into a package roughly the size of a ski bag. A guy kit is offered for the CM110 (a guy kit is included with the CM115 and CM120). A five-foot extension kit converts the CM110 to a CM115, or a CM115 to a CM120.

We also offer a new line of mounts for sensors, enclosures, and solar panels. The mounts will fit the aluminum tripods, steel tripods, and UT towers.

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