A CR1000 can be easily added to your existing mixed-array or PAKBUS® network. The PC software switches to PAKBus mode when you attach a datalogger to a virtual "PAKBUSPort" (virtual in that it isn't really a piece of hardware). If you use the EZSetup Wizard in PC400 and LoggerNet, you'll find that there's a separate PAKBUSPort included for each CR1000. This means you can add a single CR1000 to the end of any telephone, RF, TCP/IP, RF400, or similar link configured for transparent communications and use the CR1000 "right out of the box" without modifying default settings. For adding multiple CR1000s to a network, see our PAKBUS example on Page 5. To take advantage of PAKBUS communication protocol's capability, you’ll need to change the operating systems in your network to PAKBUS. Contact an applications engineer for details.

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