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SDM-CD16D 16-Channel Digital Control Port Module
Expands Low-Voltage Control Capacity
For low-power applications
weather applications water applications energy applications gas flux and turbulence applications infrastructure applications soil applications


The SDM-CD16D increases the number of digital outputs that can be controlled by a Campbell Scientific data logger. The SDM-CD16D is commonly used to drive normal logic level inputs.

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Benefits and Features

  • Intended for low-voltage, low-power applications not suitable for the SDM-CD16AC


Detailed Description

The SDM-CD16D increases the number of digital outputs that can be controlled (i.e., set to 0 or 5 V) by a Campbell Scientific data logger. In addition to being able to drive normal logic level inputs, when an output is set HI, a boost circuit allows it to source a current of up to 100 mA for controlling low voltage valves, relays, or other devices.

Up to 15 SDM-CD16Ds may be addressed, making it possible to control a maximum of 240 ports from the first three data logger control ports.

Data Logger Connection

The SDM Jumper Wire Kit (pn 32505) connects up to four SDMs to the data logger. This kit is recommended when multiple SDMs are connected to one data logger or for extremely short distances between the SDM and data logger. The CABLE5CBL-L cable is recommended for connecting a single SDM to the data logger, and for longer distances between the SDM and data logger.


Operating Temperature -25° to +70°C
Operating Voltage 9 to 18 Vdc
Current Drain 100 µA typical (all ports HI, no load)
EMC Status Complies with EN55022-1:1998. and EN50082-1:1998.
Output Voltage (no load) Output ON/HI, nominal 5 V (minimum 4.5 V)
Output OFF/LO Nominal 0 V (maximum 0.1 V)
Output Source Current Output sources 36 mA @ 3 V, 115 mA short-circuited to ground
Maximum Output Current (total all outputs) 400 mA and 50°C and 12 V supply
(The maximum current [total all outputs] should be derated by 50 mA for every 10°C above 50°C and/or 50 mA for every voltage above 12 V.)
  • 18.0 x 9.9 x 2.0 cm (7.1 x 3.9 x 0.8 in.) without mounts
  • 23.4 x 9.9 x 2.0 cm (9.2 x 3.9 x 0.8 in.) with mounts
Weight 318 g (11 oz)


Note: The following shows notable compatibility information. It is not a comprehensive list of all compatible or incompatible products.

Data Loggers

Product Compatible Note
21X (retired)
CR10 (retired)
CR1000 (retired)
CR10X (retired)
CR200X (retired)
CR206X (retired)
CR211X (retired)
CR216X (retired)
CR23X (retired)
CR295X (retired)
CR3000 For the CR3000, SDMs are connected to the ports labeled SDM-C1, SDM-C2, and SDM-C3.
CR500 (retired)
CR5000 (retired) For the CR5000, SDMs are connected to the ports labeled SDM-C1, SDM-C2, and SDM-C3.
CR510 (retired)
CR9000 (retired)
CR9000X (retired)

Mounting Equipment

Product Compatible Note

Additional Compatibility Information

Data Logger Considerations

Up to 15 SDM devices can be connected to a single data logger. To communicate with connected SDM devices, the CR3000 and CR5000 use the SDM-C1, SDM-C2, and SDM-C3 ports. The other data loggers use ports labeled C1, C2, and C3. The 21X also requires channel 1H.


The SDMCD16AC Instruction controls SDM-CD16D operation in CRBasic. Edlog Instruction 29 controls SDM-CD16D operation in the CR7, and Edlog Instruction 104 controls SDM-CD16D operation in the CR10(X), CR23X, and 21X data loggers.

Power Considerations

The maximum output current that the SDM-CD16D can source is 400 mA. The power requirements are large compared to most Campbell Scientific products when driving significant loads. For many applications, an external rechargeable power supply is recommended to power the SDM-CD16D. This power supply should share a common grounding point with the data logger. For some applications, the data logger's sealed rechargeable battery may suffice; in this case, float-charging the batteries from an ac source is recommended.

Enclosure Considerations

The SDM-CD16D requires a desiccated, non-condensing environment; a Campbell Scientific enclosure is recommended. Grommets and screws are provided to attach the flanges/bracket to the backplate of our enclosures.

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