RTMC Pro Patch 4.3.1
Updated: 07-21-2016

  1. Enhancement - Warning icons are now suspended for 10 seconds to allow normal data flow to occur without reporting an error.
  2. Enhancement - Prioritize data on published projects so that data from the first visible tab flows in first.
  3. Enhancement - Changed the library used for the TLS stack from axTLS to mbedTLS.
  4. Bug Fix - Fixed backgrounds on component snapshots so there isn't a border
  5. Bug Fix - Fixed fall back mechanism to standard web queries properly if Web Sockets failed on older partial web socket implementations in the datalogger.
  6. Bug Fix - Fixed some unicode display issues on published projects.
  7. Bug Fix - Fixed fullscreen mode sizing on published projects.
  8. Bug Fix - Fixed renaming issue reported with some components.
  9. Bug Fix - Fixed an issue in reading TOB2 files.
  10. Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where data file sources weren't honouring the offset specified in the file data source.