RTMC Pro Patch 4.3.2
Updated: 08-28-2017

  1. Updated the mbedTLS framework to the latest version 2.5.1.
  2. Fixed an issue where data alarms were never reporting an alarm if they had never received data.
  3. Fixed an issue with a published project that uses the subtraction operand.
  4. Fixed an issue with precision not being honored with arrays.
  5. Added an option to disable web sockets in the publisher. Web sockets will be enabled by default and can be configured for each website.
  6. Added the EmailRelay option to email profiles. This new option allows the user to send emails though Campbell Scientific’s EmailRelay service.
  7. Fixed an issue with a published project that uses the subtraction operand.
  8. Fixed and issue where some images were being abandoned on the disk in the temp directory. Animated images are now copied to a temp location and then loaded. This allows animated images from a URL to be loaded as well as animated images to be overwritten. We now try the TEMP directory, then the TMP directory, and if those aren't defined in the environment, then we create an image_cache folder in the RTMC working directory.
  9. Added a new Julian Date option to FormatTime. The option is specified by using a %J. The software now allows %J for Julian Date and %j for specifying Julian Day.
  10. Fixed an error with the CS110 where sounds were overlapping with each other.
  11. Fixed an issue where Boolean values were always displayed as False.
  12. Fixed an issue where a zero-length string caused labels to overlap.
  13. Fixed an issue when setting a negative value to the scale max in RTMC standard.
  14. Fixed an issue where a series that was marked as hidden and then published broke the resulting project.
  15. Fixed an issue where null components could be reported when accessing the ownerComponent of a web query.