RTMC Pro Patch 4.2
Updated: 11-26-2014

  1. Requirement - The .Net 4.0 framework (full profile) is required for this application to run in its entirety. The .Net 4.5 framework may also be installed on the system as it is an upgrade to the 4.0 .Net framework and will allow the application to run in its entirety.
  2. Enhancement - Reworked the ReportRange control so that it is more consistent with what the user would expect.
  3. Enhancement - Added RESET_WEEKLY and RESET_CUSTOM options for functions with state that reset. RESET_CUSTOM allows for an optional expression to control the state of when the function will reset.
  4. Enhancement - Changed segmented controls so that they insert a . when there is a character they can't render rather than skipping the character.
  5. Enhancement - Increased database access speeds.
  6. Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where attachments were not being sent with alarm emails.