RTMC Pro Patch 4.3
Updated: 03-11-2016

  1. Enhancement - Added code in the javascript data manager to try to use web sockets before falling back on XMLHttpRequests
  2. Enhancement - Web Sockets are used for datalogger sources in RTMC projects if the datalogger supports it.
  3. Enhancement - Web Socket support added to published projects.
  4. Enhancement - The data file source type changed so that it will now index the contents of the file before attempting to service requests. The requests are now filled based upon the contents of this index. This should provide a significant performance improvement when dealing with data files.
  5. Bug Fix - Changed the javascript ValueAtTime() function so that, if no values are removed but the range of values timestamps is greater than or equal to specified range, the first value will be returned.
  6. Bug Fix - WebPublisher: Added code to set the position of the title rectangle when a graph is laid out and to refer to this rectangle when the title is drawn instead of simply centering the title on top of the plot rectangle which would conflict with the legend rectangle if the legend was positioned on top.
  7. Bug Fix - Changed the code that calculates the zero point for bar charts so that a very small value (1E-38) is used rather than zero in order to work with logarithmic plots
  8. Bug Fix - Added code to that which generates labels and the scale so that, if the scale is logarithmic, the min and max values are rounded while being assigned to the converted log values. Failure to do this was causing small errors to creep in for base 10 logs that could result in expected labels not appearing.
  9. Bug Fix - Changed the report range component so that it will use the time of the web server for its local time rather than the local time of the browser.
  10. Bug Fix - Changed the AvgRunOverTimeWithReset(), MaxEunOverTimeWithReset(), MinRunOverTimeWithReset(), and TotalOverTimeWithReset() functions so that the current time is adjusted back rather than adjusting back the last time. This addresses a customer reported problem where the total was resetting one interval sooner than expected.
  11. Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where email subjects ending in a % were causing RTMC to hang.
  12. Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where HTTP Sources weren't stopping their polling once started resulting in sluggish datalogger communications.
  13. Bug Fix - Added a new Boolean property to the HTTP source that will indicate whether HTTPS should be used. The publisher and HTTP source dialog will use this property to generate the protocol for the server URL.