RTMC Pro Patch 4.3.3
Updated: 03-13-2020

  1. Resolved an issue where the fill and clear of a Scope chart was creating an out of bounds scale condition.
  2. Added a check to prevent out of bounds values from locking everything up.
  3. Added a console log so we have more info when a data failure occurs.
  4. Added the dependency for the CsOperand.js so that it would be included in the project when published.
  5. Fixed an issue where the graph would not refresh in QuickReports upon completing its' data acquisition.
  6. Fixed an issue if a chart series was not available an OleException was thrown. This happened in extremely rare circumstance.
  7. Made sure that the table uri is persisted, for QuickReports, to make it available for the dialogs and also the error given (from MainFrm.cpp) if no data is available.
  8. Added the ability to get data stored by LNDB from a PostGreSQL or Oracle database server.
  9. Fixed an issue with backed and veered on rotating and north offset compass.
  10. Added code that allows the web server to read TOA6 data files as part of a data file source.
  11. Changed the code that parses request records messages from the web socket so that the more flag is assumed to be false unless it is specified in the message. Assuming that it was true lead to conditions where a web dataquery request would be waiting for new records until it timed out.
  12. Added properties that allow an HTTP source to produce a low level log file.
  13. Added code in the alarms email action to block the sending of emails if the "To" address is an empty string.
  14. Added code to post web server log messages when data requests are started, ready, and stopped, on a web socket.
  15. Added code that will prevent the web server from serving any requests that reference the "sys" subdirectory within its working directory.
  16. Added code that will allow devconfig transactions to happen over web sockets with select data source types (presently only BMP5 sources).
  17. Added a new "CheckAuthorisation" command that can be used by the web client to get its current authorisation.
  18. Changed the implementation of the "NewestFile" command to return a response in JSON format if the attempt to retrieve the file from the datalogger fails.
  19. Changed the order in which static resources are served so that the file system is checked before attempting to generate the files from included resources in coratools.
  20. Fixed an issue where the server time from the LoggerNet server would not get returned if the client only specified the name of the LoggerNet source in the URI.
  21. Added a new ListFiles command that can be used with various types of data sources, including Server data sources.
  22. Added an optional parameter to the BrowseSymbols command so that if any symbol is considered that is reported as an array type, and this parameter is enabled, the array values will be returned in the place of the array symbol.
  23. Changed the code in the close handler for WebData web sockets so that the reference to the data source and manager are cleared immediately. This was done because it was discovered that the browser could delay up to minutes between when the websocket close was requested by the application and the actual close would take place.
  24. Added a close command that can be sent on a web socket to speed up the release of resources claimed by that web socket.
  25. Changed the code that processes a time stamp value from a string so that, if the string was in an unsupported format, the string reported would be the zero epoch (2 January 1990).
  26. Added the ability to get data stored by LNDB from a PostgreSQL or Oracle database server.
  27. Added code in on_alarm_change() that will make a copy of the web sockets collection before transmitting notifications. This prevents us iterating on the container after it has been altered by removing an active web socket.
  28. Fixed misaligned quotes in the web server log.
  29. Updated the latest version of mbed-tls (2.16.3).
  30. Added a module (used with embedded versions such as Create and EasyFlux-Web) to assist the client in retrieving language files and in discovering the preferred locale.
  31. Added a new component that can be used to parse the multi-part content type.
  32. Fixed an issue where north offset or rotating compass caused backed and veered to display wrong.