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The 19256 consists of the hardware to mount a cellular phone modem in an ET107 weather station. It includes brackets, straps, cables, and fasteners.

The cellular modem, antenna, and other needed parts noted in the Specifications information are ordered separately.

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Detailed Description

The 19256 includes hardware for mounting a cellular phone inside of an ET107 weather station. The cellular modem and antenna are ordered separately.

The 19256 ET Cellphone Accessory Kit contains the following:

  • 10509 Bracket—mounts the cellular modem to the inside of the ET enclosure
  • 5207 Velcro Strap—fastens the cellular modem to the 10509 bracket
  • 5502 4-in. Velcro Hook—used with the Velcro strap to secure the radio
  • 5503 4-in. Velcro loop—used with the Velcro strap to secure the radio
  • 18663 Null Modem Cable—connects the cellular modem to the ET107's RS-232 connector
  • 20584 13-in. Coaxial Cable with SMA-to-BNC Connectors—attaches the cellular modem's antenna connector to the internal connector of the ET enclosure
  • 14241 59-in. Coaxial Cable with BNC-to-Type N Connectors—attaches the external connector of the ET enclosure to the antenna's connector
  • Six 17592 Cable Ties
  • 18290 Antenna Mounting Bracket—attaches the antenna to the ET107 (hardware used with this bracket are listed below)
  • 17492 U-Bolt
  • 17851 Saddle Bracket
  • Four 4365 Washers
  • Four 4366 Lock Washers

This kit can also be used with our retired CR10X-based ET stations (e.g., ET106, T.Weather 106) but the following additional equipment is required.

  • SC932A CS I/O to 9-Pin RS-232 DCE Interface
  • 10588 Ribbon Cable
  • Two 17318 Rubber Feet


Weight 1.38 kg (3.05 lb)


Note: The following shows notable compatibility information. It is not a comprehensive list of all compatible or incompatible products.

Communication Devices

Product Compatible Note
RAVEN100 (retired)
RAVEN105 (retired)
RAVEN110 (retired)
RAVENXTA (retired)
RAVENXTG (retired)
RAVENXTV (retired)
REDWING100 (retired)
REDWING105 (retired)


Product Compatible Note
ET106 (retired) The SC932A interface, 10588 ribbon cable, and two 17318 rubber feet are also required to use this ET station with the cellular modem kit.

Additional Compatibility Information

Power Supply Considerations

The PS24 power supply is recommended when using a cellular modem with a solar-powered ET107 Weather Station. The PS24 is mounted to the ET107 pole via the 18520 hanger mounting kit (see Ordering Info).

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