Product Details
Typically Ships Within 7 - 14 Days
Restockable Yes
Warranty 1 year

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Ships With
(1) 31008 ET Enclosure Universal Communications Mounting Bracket
(1) 4180 Velcro Strap, 12 in. x 1 in.
(1) 20584 ET Station Antenna Cable, BNC to SMA
(1) 14241 Antenna Cable for ET Stations, 59 in.
(1) 18290 ET Antenna Adjustable-Angle Mounting Bracket
(1) 17492 Stainless-Steel U-Bolt Screw 5/16-18 x 2.125 with 2 Silicon Bronze Nuts
(1) 17851 U-bolt with Saddle Bracket and 2 Nuts

Other Accessories

The Airlink RavenXTV is configured for Verizon cellular networks. This full-duplex modem transmits data to the local cellular tower using a Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) network. The data is sent from the tower to the base station computer via the Internet.
The 20679 is recommended for locations where cellular coverage is strong. This dual-band omnidirectional antenna covers both the 800-MHz and the 1.9-GHz bands. For the 800-MHz band, the 20679 provides a 0-dBd gain. For the 1.9-GHz band, the 20679 provides a 3-dBd gain.
The 31128 is a wideband Yagi directional antenna. It is uniquely suited for cellular applications because of its ability to provide gain across all of the cellular frequency bands. The antenna has a Type N female connector and includes the mounting hardware.
PS24 24Ah Power Supply w/10 x 12 Enclosure
This power supply is recommended when using a cellular phone with a solar-powered ET station. The PS24 consists of a 24-Ahr sealed rechargeable battery, CH100 regulator, enclosure mounting bracket, and a 10" x 12" environmental enclosure. The enclosure has one conduit for cable entry. The 18520 hanger mounting kit is used to mount the PS24's enclosure onto the ET station's pole (see below).
Charging Regulator Option
-NC -NC No Charging Regulator
-C1 -C1 w/CH150
-C2 -C2 w/CH200
Enclosure Mounts Option
-NM -NM No Enclosure Mounting
-MM -MM Tripod Mast Mounting
-LM -LM CM1xx Leg Mounting
-TM -TM Tower Mounting
-PM -PM Pole Mounting, 4-10in
-EM -EM ET Pole Mounting, 3in
The 18520 hanger mounting kit is required to mount the PS24's enclosure to the ET station's pole.
This interface is required to use a cellular modem with a retired CR10X-based ET station (e.g., ET106, T.Weather 106). The SC932A allows the cellular modem to communicate with the ET station's internal CR10XM module.
This ribbon cable is required to use a cellular modem with a retired CR10X-based ET station (e.g., ET106, T.Weather 106). The 10588 connects the SC932A interface with the internal CS I/O port of the ET station.

Replacement Parts

The 31008 allows the stacking of multiple communication options for the ET106 and ET107 stations.
The 4180 consists of a 12" (30 cm) length of 1" (2.5 cm) wide Velcro. It usually secures peripherals onto mounting brackets that are in turn secured to the backplates of our enclosures.
The 20584 attaches the RF450 radio to the antenna connector inside the ET107 enclosure.
The 14241 is used to connect the field site's antenna with the ET station.
The 18290 secures the antenna to the ET107's pole.
The 17492 provides a 5/16" U-bolt and two nuts.
The 17851 consists of one saddle bracket, one U-bolt, and two nuts.