This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: ET107. Some accessories, replacement parts, or services may still be available.

Other Accessories

VISUALWEATHER Weather Station Software
VisualWeather provides comprehensive, but easy-to-use, software support for the ET106.
Delivery Method
-D -D Download Only
-DD -DD Download & CD Disc
CS616-LC Water Content Reflectometer for ET or MetData1
The CS616-LC uses time-domain measurement methods to measure the volumetric water content of soil from 0% to saturation. This reflectometer's cable has a user-specified length and is fitted with a connector for attachment to the ET106 station.
Cable Length - show details
-LC ft cable per probe

Allowed values: 1-300 ft, increments of 1 ft

Recommended cable length is 25, 50, 75, or 100 ft (8, 15, 23, or 31 m); maximum length is 1000 ft (300 m).
The 20586 is a 1 W, 900 MHz Spread Spectrum Radio Kit used with our ET106 weather stations. For the computer site, the kit contains an RF450 radio, 15966 ac transformer, 10873 RS-232 cable, and 20644 dipole antenna. For the field site, the kit contains another RF450 radio, 14241 antenna cable, and 18290 adjustable inclination mount. The PS24 power supply is recommended when using spread spectrum radio telemetery with a solar-powered ET106 Weather Station.
The 14205 is a high-gain (6 dBd), directional (Yagi) antenna for the 20586 Spread Spectrum Radio Kit. It is used outdoors. The 14205 has a narrow beam width that requires precise aiming. Its higher gain makes it useful for communicating over longer distances.
The 19256 includes hardware used to mount a cellular phone modem inside of an ET106 enclosure. A cellular phone, antenna, SC932A interface, 10588 ribbon cable, and two 17318 rubber feet must be purchased separately.
The Airlink RavenXTV is a cellular modem that can be used with the 19256 kit. This full-duplex modem is configured for Verizon cellular networks. It transmits data to the local cellular tower using a Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) network. The data is sent from the tower to the base station computer via the Internet. The PS24 power supply is recommended when using a cellular modem with a solar-powered ET106 Weather Station.
The SC932A allows the cellular modem to communicate with the ET106's internal CR10XM module.
The 10588 connects the SC932A interface with the internal CS I/O port of the ET106.
PS24 24Ah Power Supply w/10 x 12 Enclosure
This power supply is recommended when using a spread spectrum radio or cellular phone with the ET106. The PS24 consists of a 24-Ahr sealed rechargeable battery, CH100 regulator, enclosure mounting bracket, and a 10" x 12" environmental enclosure. The enclosure has one conduit for cable entry. The PS24 is mounted to the ET106 pole via the 18520 hanger mounting kit.
Charging Regulator Option
-NC -NC No Charging Regulator
-C1 -C1 w/CH150
-C2 -C2 w/CH200
Enclosure Mounts Option
-NM -NM No Enclosure Mounting
-MM -MM Tripod Mast Mounting
-LM -LM CM1xx Leg Mounting
-TM -TM Tower Mounting
-PM -PM Pole Mounting, 4-10in
-EM -EM ET Pole Mounting, 3in
The 18520 hanger mounting kit is required to mount the PS24's enclosure to the ET106's pole.

Replacement Parts

The 10070 Enclosure RH Sensor measures the relative humidity inside of the ET106's enclosure. This measurement helps the customer know when the the desiccant needs to be replaced.
This 3 V Lithium battery is for the datalogger that resides within the ET106. Its diameter is 24 mm. The battery powers the clock and RAM when the primary 12 Vdc power supply is not connected. It must be replaced when its voltage falls below 2.4 Vdc.
The 10489 consists of two pieces of aluminum pipe that provides a total length of 8' 9". It is painted white.
The 16902 supports spread spectrum radio communications in the US and Canada. Hardware provided for the computer site includes an RF401 radio, 15966 ac transformer, 10873 RS-232 cable, and 15970 dipole antenna. Hardware for the field site includes an RF401 radio, 14241 antenna cable, and CM230 adjustable inclination mount.