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The 19332 is a factory-installed 17 in. (43.2 cm) cable attached to a Type N connector on the inside of an enclosure, providing a Type N connector on the outside for attachment of a radio antenna. It is intended for enclosures that will house an RF320-series narrowband radio or TX320 HDR GOES satellite transmitter.

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Benefits and Features

  • Weather resistant to protect instruments
  • Allows quick attachment of antenna without opening enclosure

Detailed Description

When ordered, Campbell Scientific will punch a special bulkhead hole in the enclosure and install a 17" (43.2 cm) cable. The installed cable has a Type N Male connector on one end and a Type N Female connector on the other end. The Type N Male connector attaches to an RF320-series radio or TX320 transmitter. The Type N Female connector attaches to the antenna via a COAXNTN-L or a similar Type N Male to Type N Male cable.


Cable Length 43.18 cm (17 in.)


The 19332's 17-in. cable connects to a device that has a type-N-to-type-N antenna connector.

Contemporary devices with a type-N-to-type-N connector

  • TX320 HDR GOES Satellite Transceiver
  • RF320 VHF Radio Transceiver
  • RF321 UHF Radio Transceiver
  • RF322 UHF Radio Transceiver
  • RF323 UHF Radio Transceiver

Retired devices with a type-N-to-type-N connector

  • TX312 HDR GOES Satellite Transceiver
  • RF310 VHF Radio Transceiver
  • RF312 UHF Radio Transceiver
  • RF313 UHF Radio Transceiver
  • SAT HDR GOES Satellite Transceiver
  • OMNISAT MeteoSat Transceiver