Mounting Poles / CM500
CM500 124 in. Galvanized Mounting Pole with Grounding Kit


The CM500 is a 2 in. IPS (2.4 inch OD) galvanized pipe with a lenght of 315 cm (124 in). It is often used with the LW110 system, and it is typically placed in a 2 ft hole that is backfilled with concrete. The smaller footprint of a mounting pole compared to a tripod can facilitate maintenance of grass-covered sites and may be more aesthetically attractive for parks and golf courses.



Material Galvanized steel
Outer Diameter 6.1 cm (2.4 in.)
Length 3 m (10 ft)


The CM500 is designed to work with the LW110 Lightning Warning System. 

The CM500 is NOT compatible with the following enclosures:

  • ENC10/12
  • ENC10/12R
  • ENC12/14
  • ENC14/16
  • ENC16/18
  • ENC24/30
  • ENC24/30S

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