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ALERT205 ALERT2 Transmitter with CR300 Datalogger, AL200 Modem, and VHF Radio
Easiest ALERT2 Transmitter to Use on the Market
Offering various form factors to fit a variety of applications
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The ALERT205 is the easiest ALERT2 transmitter to use on the market, and its additional communications options and variety of form factors make it flexible to fit the needs of your application. The ALERT205 is available in canister, enclosure, and backplate form factors—offering you a variety of compatible installation methods. In addition, as the heart of any ALERT2 or flood warning installation, the reliable ALERT205 can measure nearly any sensor on the market and provide you with accurate, defensible data necessary for making critical, time-sensitive decisions. 

To configure and deploy the ALERT205, simply use the easy-to-use, browser-based interface that is hosted by the transmitter. This eliminates the need for you to install and maintain PC-based software. You can also connect the ALERT205 to your mobile devices.

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Benefits and Features

  • Available as a standard ALERT-style canister, an enclosure, or mounted to a backplate for cost effectiveness
  • Available with Wi-Fi, spread-spectrum radio, or cellular communications options
  • Compatible with all ALERT2 repeaters, receivers, and base station software packages


Detailed Description

The ALERT205 is a combination of an ALERT2 intelligent network device (IND) and an application protocol device (APD)—typically referred to as an ALERT2 transmitter. The ALERT205 is built around a CR300-series datalogger with optional integrated communications options, an AL200 ALERT2 encoder, and the industry standard Maxon VHF radio.

The ALERT205 is available in three different package options to meet your needs:

  • The canister option includes six standard circular connectors for sensor I/O, as well as coax connectors for GPS, VHF radio, and optional integrated communications (Wi-Fi, spread spectrum, cellular).
  • The enclosure option is built around the same platform as the canister option, but it is housed in a polycarbonate enclosure with cable glands and screw terminals for connecting external sensors.
  • The backplate version is designed for applications where an enclosure will be provided, and it includes DIN rail terminals for easy sensor connections.

All three options are configured, deployed, and maintained via the same mobile-friendly user interface. You can view the interface using a PC or mobile device web browser, and you can access the interface via a Wi-Fi, cellular, or USB connection. Note: The use of a cellular or Wi-Fi connection is not part of the standard offering, and these options incur an additional fee. 

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