ALERT200 ALERT2 Basic Remote Data Platform with Three Sensor Inputs and AL200
Turn-key ALERT2 system
Fully configurable and programmable for flood warning applications
weather applications water applications energy applications gas flux and turbulence applications infrastructure applications soil applications


The ALERT200 is a basic ALERT2 transmitter that is designed to be a drop-in replacement for existing flood warning stations. Designed to be simple, reliable, and low cost, the ALERT200 uses the AL200 modulator and sensor interface, as well as the industry-standard Maxon SD125E-series radio. The ALERT200 includes four standard circular connectors for sensor and power inputs, as well as two cable glands for additional inputs.

The modular design of the ALERT200 transmitter allows for alternate configurations, additional peripherals, and easy replacement of individual components. In addition, any ALERT200-series transmitter can be converted to use the ALERT (legacy) protocol with a simple, free firmware change.

Note: ALERT2 is a trademark of the National Hydrologic Warning Council.

Benefits and Features

  • ALERT-style canister, making it a drop-in upgrade for existing stations
  • Modular mounting of components for easier field servicing and expansion
  • Sealed, circular sensor connectors on lid of canister
  • Two cable-entry seals for routing sensor or external communications cables
  • Integrated battery bracket that can accommodate up to a 24 Ahr rechargeable battery
  • Field configurable—no programming required
  • Lowest-cost ALERT2 solution



-NOTE- For specifications, refer to:
Weight 4.94 kg (10.90 lb)


The ALERT200 system is ALERT2 compatible.


ALERT Configuration Tool v.1.1 (47.7 MB) 06-30-2016

A software utility used to configure the ALERT210. 

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