It's been a productive year since Campbell Scientific last mailed you a copy of the Campbell Update newsletter. Within that year, quarterly email newsletters have announced our many new and updated products. Since some of you are not signed up for our email newsletter, here's an overview of those products:

  • LoggerNet 4—A major upgrade to our main datalogger-support software package that features a new tool for designing and configuring PakBus networks, a more powerful file viewer, a redesigned toolbar, and many updates to existing clients
  • 05103-45 wind speed and direction sensor—An ice-resistant instrument manufactured by R.M. Young
  • 27106T anemometer—R.M. Young’s low-threshold, precision air-velocity sensor, especially suited for monitoring vertical wind
  • Archer-OBS—A small, handheld device that can be carried to the field for displaying OBS-3A measurements, running surveys, and setting up the OBS-3A for extended deployment
  • Archer-PCon—An ultra-rugged field PC that provides a portable data-collection solution for Campbell Scientific data acquisition systems
  • RF430 radios—A spread-spectrum transmitter that connects to a PC’s USB port
  • CS475, CS476, and CS477 radar sensors—Instruments that determine water level by emitting short microwave pulses and then measuring the elapsed time between the emission and return of the pulses
  • CS525 pH probe—A rugged device that incorporates Sentron's high-tech, ion-selective field-effect transistor (ISFET) as its pH-sensitive element  (ISFET is the most powerful pH-monitoring technology available today.)
  • Visual Weather 3—New version of our software that supports our general weather stations with added support for the ET107
  • CS470/CS471 bubblers—Sensors that use compressed air to measure water depth

If you would like to stay up to date on our latest product offerings, please sign up for the quarterly email version of this newsletter. Newsletter subscriptions are handled in our Customer Center.  Refer to the Customer Center article for registration instructions.

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