In December 2009, Campbell Scientific replaced the CR200-series dataloggers with the CR200X-series dataloggers. The new dataloggers feature expanded memory for the program and operating system (OS). The expanded memory allows:

  • Up to 128 public variables instead of 48
  • Up to eight tables instead of four
  • Compiled CRBasic programs that are two times larger
  • All CR200X instructions to be included in one standard OS

Like their predecessors, the CR200X-series dataloggers are small, lower-cost devices. Their single-ended input-channel configuration is optimal for measuring one or two sensors. Three of the models include internal spread-spectrum radios, allowing them to be part of a wireless sensor network.

CR200X Models

  • CR200X—Base model
  • CR206X—Includes internal 915 MHz spread-spectrum radio (US and Canada) that transmits data to another CR206(X) datalogger, an RF401 radio, or an RF430 radio  
  • CR211X—Includes internal 922 MHz spread-spectrum radio (Australia and Israel) that transmits data to another CR211(X) datalogger, an RF411 radio, or an RF431 radio  
  • CR216X—Includes internal 2.4 GHz spread-spectrum radio that transmits data to another CR216(X) datalogger, an RF416 radio, or an RF432 radio
  • CR295X—Used with the TX312 HDR GOES satellite transmitter

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