Has your computer ever crashed? Ever lost your hard drive? Have you ever upgraded your computer? Everyone probably answered yes to at least one of these questions. If not, consider yourself lucky—and get ready.

So, how can you prepare LoggerNet for the inevitable? Back it up, of course. LoggerNet’s backup wizard provides a simple way to back up the Network Map and other important files. You will still need to store that backup in a secure place, say with your original LoggerNet disk. But after a catastrophe you can be up and collecting data in no time.

The backup wizard is accessed through LoggerNet’s Setup screen. In LoggerNet 4, it is under the Network menu. In LoggerNet 3, it is under the Tools menu. The Backup and Restore tutorial will walk you through the steps.

PC400 and PC200W can also be backed up and restored similarly to LoggerNet. In those products, this feature is accessed through the Network menu.

Not only is backing up your network preparation for recovery after a disaster, it is also a great tool to copy your network from one computer to another. What are you waiting for? Back it up now—and be prepared.

Holding on tightly,

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