We have added the WindSonic1 (RS-232 output), manufactured by Gill Instruments, to our product line. The WindSonic1 joins the WindSonic4 (SDI-12 output) as a two-dimensional ultrasonic anemometer for measuring wind speed and direction. The WindSonic1 is a cost-competitive, low-power (264 mW), unheated, no-moving-part (zero-maintenance) alternative to traditional mechanical wind measurement sensors.

The WindSonic1 is configured at Campbell Scientific for use with the CR800/850, CR1000, or CR3000. With the CR800/850, up to two WindSonic1 sensors can be measured at 2 Hz. On the CR1000 or CR3000, up to four WindSonic1 sensors can be measured at 2 Hz. The sensors are measured using the SerialInRecord() instruction and the datalogger’s UART serial ports (each composed of two control ports).

The WindSonic1 is available with cable lengths up to 50 feet. Longer distances between sensor and datalogger can be achieved with two RAD SRM-5A short-haul modems and the HUB-SDM5 junction box. Although more expensive, the WindSonic4 will remain available for those who require or prefer it.

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