By Paul Campbell


At the main offices of Campbell Scientific, there is a staff of about 35 application engineers (AEs) who are mainly responsible for helping customers with technical problems.

They are engaged in the following activities:

  • Responding to technical questions and requests for assistance
  • Recommending products and services
  • Configuring systems
  • Training
  • Writing or debugging datalogger programs
  • Customizing PC support software screens
  • Testing products and systems
  • Writing or reviewing manuals

It has been the company’s policy to include the cost of a basic level of these services in the price of equipment that customers purchase, with additional services available at a reasonable cost. The AEs add value to our customers’ experience with Campbell Scientific equipment, but it is a daunting task to keep abreast of the many products and markets served by the company. For this reason, they are divided into groups to focus on industrial, water resource, and environmental markets. There is also a group of our AEs focused on PC software support issues.

Automated assistance is available through our Web site covering basic principles of electromechanical measurement, product specifications, system configuration, and a plethora of products, setups and services. Information at helps with:

  • Product literature and specifications
  • Application notes
  • Case studies by application or solution
  • Links to related products and services
  • Links to consultants and integrators offering more specialized or local service
  • White papers on measurement techniques
  • Downloads of updated software and operating systems
  • Operator manuals

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and hope that you will find effective solutions to your measurement problems through your experience using Campbell Scientific products. We work diligently to provide a high level of competent technical support for your assistance. Furthermore, the AEs and all the staff at Campbell Scientific seek to do business in a friendly and professional manner. For your next project, please give us a call or contact us through

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