We have removed the CR510 and CR510-2M dataloggers from our product line. Our CR800 and CR850 dataloggers are the ideal replacement for CR510 customers who require research-grade performance in a small package. Besides supporting all of the CR510 capabilities, the CR800-series dataloggers are compatible with channel expansion peripherals and thermocouples, can measure intelligent serial sensors without using an SDM-SIO4, and use PakBus®. CR510 programs may be converted to CR800 programs using the Transformer tool, which is included in LoggerNet and PC400 software.

Alternatively, CR510 customers may use one of our CR200-series dataloggers—our smallest, lowest cost dataloggers. The CR200-series dataloggers are intended for customers who will be measuring only one or two simple sensors. They are not compatible with expansion peripherals.

Please note that Campbell Scientific will continue to provide technical support for the CR510. We will service the CR510 as long as replacement parts are available.

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