Many LoggerNet users are familiar with RTMC (Real- Time Monitoring and Control) software that is included with LoggerNet. They’ve come to appreciate the flexibility of this easy-to-use software package that lets them analyze their data on screen by displaying variables and final storage data in the form of graphs, dials, status bars, visual alarms, and tables. A good thing is now even better.

RTMC Pro is an enhanced version of RTMC. It includes more powerful alarm capabilities such as rate of change and multistate alarms, as well as the ability to send a message to an email address on an alarm event. The new Command components let you run or open a file, execute CoraScript commands (LoggerNet’s command-line utility), or insert HTML hotspots. Other new components include a logarithmic gauge and status bar, a wind rose, an oscilloscope, and an XY chart. Couple these features with more layout components and the ability to save a snapshot of the current display to an image file, and you’ll be creating even better displays for your computer or images for displaying on a Web site.

RTMC Pro is purchased separately from LoggerNet. When it is installed, a button is added to the LoggerNet toolbar so that it can be opened easily from within the LoggerNet application. The standard version of RTMC is still installed and available, and the RTMC Run-Time product supports both versions. Please note that projects developed in, or converted to, RTMC Pro cannot be opened in standard RTMC. However, when an RTMC project is opened in RTMC Pro and subse-quently saved, you will be prompted for a new file name upon saving. This helps to ensure your original file is still available for use in RTMC if desired.

Our goal is for RTMC and RTMC Pro to support the graphics needs of all our clients who require data displays. To that end, we will begin phasing out our other data display products, such as ViewDAQ and RTDM. Visit for more information and a link to our demo version of RTMC Pro.

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