To measure water content and electricalconductivity over a wide range of soil textures and other physicalconditions, Campbell Scientific now offers probes of three lengths for use with our TDR100 Time-Domain Reflectometer. New rod lengths of 7.5 cm and 15 cm join our currently available 30 cm probes. The CS640 and CS645 have 7.5 cm rod lengths and can be used in very high electrical conductivity soils or in laboratory column applications. The CS630 and CS635 have 15 cm rod lengths and provide larger sample volume for high conductivity soils. The CS605 and CS610 have 30 cm rod lengths and are used in typical soils where very large sample volume is required.

Each of the three rod lengths can be ordered with either a standard or low-loss cable. The standard RG58 cable is suitable for cable lengths up to 15 meters (50 feet). Either a low-loss Times Microwave LMR200DB or a low-loss RG8 is used for probes with cable lengths greater than 15 meters.

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