In April, Campbell Scientific released PConnectCE version 2.0. The software allows you to communicate with your datalogger in the field and collect data, check measurements, check or set the clock, send or retrieve programs, and send commands to the datalogger in terminal mode using a Pocket PC/Windows Mobile™ 2003-based device.

PConnectCE 2.0 adds support for PAKBUS® communications used in our CR1000, CR200, CR10X-PB, CR510-PB, and CR23X-PB dataloggers and expands datalogger communication options. PConnectCE now supports more COM ports (previous versions supported only COM1 and COM2). Infrared communication has been added, which allows you to communicate with a datalogger using a PDA and our SC-IRDA infrared cable. Also, support for Bluetooth has been added to allow communication with a datalogger using a Bluetooth-enabled PDA and a third party Bluetooth to serial port adapter.

PConnectCE 2.0 includes a PDA-to-CS I/O connector (for communication with a datalogger over the CS I/O port), and a PDA-to-RS232 cable (for communication with a datalogger over the serial port). Owners of a previous version of PConnectCE can order an upgrade (PConnectCE/U) that includes the PDA-to-RS232 cable (upgrade customers already have the PDA-to-CS I/O connector). Note that direct communication (communication other than IR or Bluetooth) requires that the PDA be capable of serial communication. Some entry level models do not offer this functionality. Carefully check the specifications for your PDA before ordering PConnectCE.

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