Campbell Scientific customers have a variety of interests, including agriculture, weather, water resources, and vehicle testing. While LoggerNet's clients allow robust data collection and data display, customers with specialized measurement systems often need customized software clients and applications to enhance their specialized data acquisition systems. To enable the creation of customized data collection software, Campbell Scientific offers Software Development Kits (SDKs).

SDK controls play an intermediary role that simplifies the task of creating an application to communicate with a datalogger. SDK controls not only simplify the complex messaging layer but also provide a layer of insulation from future changes of the messaging protocol or the datalogger operating system. In addition, SDKs can be used to either create applications that extend existing Campbell Scientific software capabilities, or they can be marketed and distributed independently from other software packages offered by Campbell Scientific. Currently available SDKs are described below:

LoggerNet SDK contains five ActiveX controls and a limited LoggerNet communications DLL. A developer uses this SDK to create applications that remotely access a LoggerNet installation or applications that use the included LoggerNet communications DLL. The DLL only allows local client connections and is limited to direct communication using RS-232 or TCP/IP to a single datalogger. If you are creating an application that only extends the capabilities of an existing LoggerNet installation or only uses direct communication, this SDK is a great value. The purchase of this product includes one hour of support.

LoggerNet Server SDK is similar to the LoggerNet SDK but contains the full LoggerNet Server DLL. This DLL allows remote client connections and includes the software components necessary to communicate without limitations to Campbell Scientific dataloggers. Developers who want unlimited application control and operations to a datalogger network will want this package. The purchase of this product includes one hour of support.

BMP5 Direct SDK provides a quick and easy way to create an application that communicates with a single PAKBUS® datalogger using limited commands and a direct RS-232 connection. An application created using the BMP5 Direct SDK can incorporate twelve basic commands to communicate with a PAKBUS datalogger. Developers creating applications for basic communication with a single PAKBUS datalogger may prefer this SDK because of its simplicity.

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