Our latest addition to the CR200-series datalogger line is the CR295, specifically designed to work with the TX312 GOES satellite transmitter. When only a couple of measurement channels are needed in a GOES application, the CR295's low cost and simplicity make it a perfect fit.

The CR295 includes the same sensor inputs as the CR200: one SDI-12 port, five single-ended analog inputs, and two pulse channels. An RS-232 port was added to communicate with the TX312. Inclusion of GOES transmitter instructions in the CR295's firmware required removal of instructions for both radio telemetry and calculation of evapotranspiration.

The CR295 can read, record, and transmit information (i.e., latitude, longitude, elevation, and time) from the TX312's embedded GPS receiver. Diagnostics can be retrieved from the TX312 transmitter and included in the data stream.

The CR295 is programmed using the CRBasic editor, which is included in our LoggerNet and PC400 software. PocketPC support software, GoesDCP, is planned for release in late summer 2005. GoesDCP will support program generation, transmitter setup and diagnostics, data collection and automatic offset adjustment.

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