SC-CPI Datalogger-to-CPI Interface
Datalogger-CDM Bridge
Synchronized high-speed measurements
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The SC-CPI is an interface between the serial port of later-model Campbell Scientific dataloggers (CR800/850, CR1000, and CR3000) and our new Campbell distributed modules (CDMs). The CDMs use the new CAN peripheral interface (CPI), and the SC-CPI allows the dataloggers listed above to connect to the CDM's CPI port. 

An SC-CPI is required to connect Campbell Distributed Modules (CDMs), such as the CDM-A116, to a CR800, CR850, CR1000, or CR3000 datalogger. The SC-CPI is not required for, or supported by, dataloggers with a native CPI interface. Campbell Scientific strongly recommends that CDMs be connected to dataloggers with a native CPI interface, such as the CR6.

SC-CPI operation is discussed as part of the instruction manual for the CDM-VW300 Series Dynamic Vibrating Wire Analyzers. This manual is also listed in the Documents section of this page.



Temperature Range
  • -25° to +50°C (standard)
  • -55° to +85°C (extended)
Dimensions 15.94 x 7.49 x 3.18 cm (6.28 x 2.95 x 1.25 in.) including ground lug
Weight 0.188 kg (0.415 lb)


Serial Connect to Datalogger Screw terminal
Computer Configuration via Device Configuration Utility USB


Datalogger Considerations

A 5-conductor cable connects the datalogger to the SC-CPI, and an Ethernet cable connects the SC-CPI to the CDM.

Compatible Contemporary Dataloggers

The datalogger operating system must be version OS 26.

CR200X Series CR800/CR850 CR1000 CR3000 CR9000X

Compatible Retired Dataloggers

None of our retired dataloggers are compatible.


SC-CPI OS v.04 (477 KB) 10-10-2016

Execution of this download installs the SC-CPI Operating System on your computer for upload to the SC-CPI device with Device Configuration Utility.

Note: The SC-CPI OS V.02 or greater is required to use the CDM-VW300/305 with the CR3000/1000/800 datalogger that is using OS 28 or higher.  The CDM-VW300/305 Operating System will also need to be upgraded to CDM-VW300/305 OS V.02.  If using a CR3000/1000/800 datalogger with an older OS, an operating system upgrade to the datalogger will be required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Number of FAQs related to SC-CPI: 2

  1. To communicate with CDM devices using the CPI protocol, the CR3000, CR1000, CR850, and CR800 dataloggers require an SC-CPI device. Only one SC-CPI device per datalogger is required. It is expected that the design of future Campbell Scientific datalogger products will work with CPI-based modules directly.

  2. The communications protocol used by CDM devices is the CAN Peripheral Interface (CPI), which includes methods that are proprietary to Campbell Scientific.

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