Real Time Monitoring and Control Software (RTMC) is included in our LoggerNet Software Support Package. RTMC consists of two components: Developer and Run-Time. RTMC Developer is used to create simple or sophisticated graphical data displays. RTMCRT displays the forms created with the RTMC Developer. We also offer RTMCRT as a stand-alone client application for the LoggerNet Server.

As LoggerNet collects data from the dataloggers, the displays in RTMCRT are automatically updated. LoggerNet can run on one PC while additional licensed copies of RTMCRT installed on remotely connected PCs display data or provide datalogger control as enabled by the RTMC form.

Baler, a new LoggerNet client, extracts data from the LoggerNet Server Cache and creates a data file on your remote PC. This enables multiple users (with PCs running Baler) to access the LoggerNet Server and individually create data files from the server cache.

RTMCRT and Baler join other stand-alone client software, including RTDM, the DataFiler in LoggerNetData, CSI OPC Server, and RTMC Web Server to take advantage of the distributed data capability in the server that is the core of LoggerNet.

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