The GPS16-HVS Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) receiver has replaced the SV8PLUS on our price lists. The GPS16- HVS is a differential ready (RTCM), WAAS-enabled, 12 channel GPS receiver manufactured by Garmin International Inc. Campbell Scientific configures the receiver to output the NMEA GPGGA string at 1200 baud (default) for direct connection to the CR10X datalogger using direct serial data input through control ports. The receiver can be reconfigured to support higher data collection rates in the CR23X, CR5000, CR9000, or SDM-SIO4 using the 17218 adapter and a computer. The GPVTG and other NMEA output strings can also be enabled to output additional information such as velocity.

The GPS16-HVS receiver and antenna are packaged within the same case. The sensor's power and communication cable terminates in an RJ45 connector. Several adapters and cables are available to interface between the sensor cable's RJ45 connector and a PC, SDM-SIO4, or datalogger. See our product literature and manual for details. An optional magnetic mounting base is also available.

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