Our latest version of datalogger support software for Palm® devices is PConnect 3.0. PConnect 3.0 adds support for our PakBus dataloggers—the CR10X-PB, CR510-PB, CR23X-PB, and CR200-series dataloggers. To support this, we now provide a PDA-to-datalogger connector and an RS-232 connector with PConnect.

PConnect 3.0 runs on PDAs with Palm-based operating systems 3.3 or greater. It can be used to view measurements, collect data, set the datalogger's clock, and transfer/retrieve datalogger programs. There is also a utility to view the collected data file. When the Palm device is synchronized with a computer, the collected data is transferred and saved in an ASCII comma delimited format.

PConnect 3.0 will be available first quarter, 2004. Users of PConnect version 2.1 or earlier may purchase an upgrade.

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