We have redesigned our power supply products to increase flexibility for our customers. The PS12LA, CH12R, PS512M, and CH512R have been replaced with new modular components, the PS100, CH100, A100, and A105.

Like the PS12LA, the PS100 offers a 12 Vdc, 7 Ahr power supply that can be recharged by solar panel or ac transformer. The CH100 supplants the CH12R in applications where a regulated charging source is needed for a usersupplied battery.

When compared with the PS12LA, the PS100 has a smaller footprint and provides a power switch and LEDs that are accessible without removing the lid. Both the PS100 and CH100 offer additional surge protection and charging levels that are more accurately regulated.

The A100 and A105 adapters connect to either the PS100 or CH100 power supplies. The A100 adds a null modem port; the A105 adapter, a new concept in our product line, increases the number of 12 V and ground terminals.

Larger Battery Offered for CR200-series Dataloggers
For our CR200-series dataloggers, the 17365 12 Vdc, 7 Ahr rechargeable battery is a larger-capacity power supply option. The 17365 connects directly to the terminal strip of the CR200-series dataloggers. The 17365 does not fit inside the ENC200 enclosure. A mounting base is included for use inside an ENC 10/12, ENC 12/14, or ENC 16/18 enclosure.

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