AL205B Firmware 1.0.2
Updated: 05-13-2020

  1. Enable manually starting a GPS sync cycle on the AL205B/R.
  2. Allow manually setting clock on AL205B/R from clock on PC.
  3. Improve A2Control performance with large number of messages in the message list.
  4. Fixed an issue where repeater pass and reject lists would not work correctly with some settings.
  5. Fixed an issue where the GPS clock would turn off before it should when leap seconds weren't known.
  6. Update A2Control to support baud rate autodetection.
  7. Add transmit page to A2Control that allows users to send a generic GSR or a status message, as well as view the current status values.
  8. Update status report format to match status report proposal to ALERT2 TWG.
  9. Fixed an issue where network connections were reset when they were droppedby the remote end.
  10. Improve accuracy of battery voltage monitor.