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The 27332 provides a recalibration with zero and span for an EC155 or CPEC200. When drift between zero and span checks seems unstable, or when diagnostic output indicates a problem, the instrument should be sent in for a full factory calibration with zero and span. An RMA (Returned Material Authorization) is required.

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Detailed Description

The 27332's factory calibration subjects the analyzer to various combinations of pressure, temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration (a complex multi-point calibration). This factory calibration is then used to generate the response curve of the analyzer.

Following the factory recalibration, Campbell Scientific performs a simple zero and span check to ensure that the analyzer is stable. The zero and span can also be used to make a simple shift of the response curve.

Campbell Scientific anticipates that this service will be needed every few years. Users should watch for erratic or excessive drift between zero and span checks, and they should monitor the diagnostic bits to determine when its time for the factory calibration. Also, if its been several years, the user may want to send it in just for verification and peace of mind.


This service is available for the EC155 and CPEC200.

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