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The 25295 is a 24/12 Vdc power supply for use with the PWS100 present-weather system. The hood heater of our present-weather sensors requires 24 Vdc. The 25295 consists of a 24 Vdc, 10 A DIN-rail-mounted power supply and a 10 A, 12 V regulator (CH200), housed in an environmental enclosure.

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The 25295 supplies 24 Vdc and 12 Vdc power for the PWS100 Present Weather Sensors. The hood heater of our present weather sensors requires 24 Vdc. The 25295 consists of a 24-Vdc, 10-A DIN-Rail-mounted power supply and a 10 A, 12 V regulator (CH200), housed in an environmental enclosure. Access to ac power is required. The customer needs to order a battery. Compatible batteries are offered as Common Accessories.


Power Supplies 24 Vdc and 12 Vdc.

Morningstar SunSaver SS-10-12V Regulator

Output 10 A (at a nominal 12 Vdc)
Temperature Compensation -28 mV/°C
Current Drain 6 to 10 mA (continuous)

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Yes. The regulator draws about 10 mA continuously. This draw should be included when calculating the power budget of a system.

  2. The 25295 can be ordered with one of three sealed rechargeable battery options. For more information, refer to the applicable page of the selected battery:

  3. The regulator offered by Campbell Scientific does not have the Low Voltage Disconnect feature. Campbell Scientific generally does not recommend using such a feature when critical data collection is involved.

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