17992 28 dBi 3.3 V active GPS Antenna without Cable
All-Weather Performance
Advanced GPS Reception
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This GPS antenna is typically used with the TX326, TX325, and TX320 satellite transmitters or the AL200 ALERT modulator. This active GPS antenna provides 28 dBi of preamp for weak signal or long cable run applications. It also provides filtering to improve immunity to other RF signals, making it highly jam resistant. Its weatherproof package is designed to withstand exposure to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, rain, snow, and sun. The antenna conveniently mounts to any 1 to 14" thread or 3/4" pipe thread, which includes the 30626 and 7623 mounts offered by Campbell Scientific.

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17992 30 dB GPS Antenna without Cable
17992 30 dB GPS Antenna without Cable
17992 30 dB GPS Antenna without Cable
17992 mounted on a 7623 3/4 IPS Aluminum Pipe with Threads
17992 Mounted using a 30626 3/4 in. IPS or GPS Antenna Mounting Stand

Detailed Description

The 17992 is a 3.3 V active antenna. The voltage is supplied by the GPS receiver using the center pin of the coaxial cable, which is used to attach the antenna to the receiver. The power is used for active high gain preamp of the received signal and for RF filtering. The RF connector is type TNC (jack) and is located inside the threaded socket.


Enclosure Off-white plastic
Connector TNC
Mounting 1 to 14 in. thread or 0.75 in. pipe thread
Power 3.3 Vdc (±10%) supplied by GPS receiver over coaxial connection
Power Consumption < 20 mA when active
Gain 28 dBi (@ 25°C)
Azimuth 360° (omnidirectional)
Elevation Coverage 0° to 90° (hemispherical)
Operating Temperature -40° to +90°C
Storage Temperature -40° to +90°C
Humidity Soak 60°C @ 95% RH (96 hours)
Corrosion Salt Resistance 5% salt spray tested (96 hours)
Diameter 77.5 mm (3.05 in.)
Height 66.2 mm (2.61 in.)
Weight 198.4 g (7.0 oz)


Note: The following shows notable compatibility information. It is not a comprehensive list of all compatible or incompatible products.

Communication Devices

Product Compatible Note
TX312 (retired)
TX320 (retired)
TX321 (retired)

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