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DCP200 GOES Data Collection Platform
Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 1 year

Replacement Parts

COAXNTN-L Antenna Cable RG8 w/2 Type N Male Connectors
The COAXNTN-L is an RG8/U, low-loss, coaxial cable with a characteristic impedence of 50 ohms. It has two Type N male connectors for attaching the TX320 transmitter to the antenna. The cable originally shipped with the DCP200 has a 12 ft length (i.e., COAXNTN-L12)
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-L Pricing is in ft per antenna cable

Allowed values: 1-500 ft, increments of 1 ft

This 2-pin green power connector is included on the TX320 transmitter for power input. The 7843 may be purchased to replace a lost or damaged connector.
The 6650 consists of a 3 ft ground wire and lug connector.
This card provides a visual reference of humidity level inside the enclosure. Colored circles change from blue to pink to indicate humidity levels of 30%, 40%, and 50% relative humidity. This humidity indicator card adheres to the inside wall of the enclosure.
This 3 V lithium battery fits inside of the CR295X datalogger. The 15598 powers the CR295X's clock and SRAM when the primary 12 Vdc power supply is not connected. It needs to be periodically replaced. Campbell Scientific recommends replacing the battery every five years.
This power cable connects the TX320 GOES Satellite Transmitter to the CH100 regulator. The 18133 contains the 18889 inline fuse that's listed below.
18017-L GPS Antenna Cable
The 18017 GPS Antenna Cable connects the 17992 GPS Antenna to the TX320 transmitter. The cable terminates in a TNC connector on one end and an SMA connector on the other end. The cable originally shipped with the DCP200 has a 10-foot length (i.e., 18017-L10).
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-L Pricing is in ft per cable

Allowed values: 1-200 ft, increments of 1 ft

This 7.5 Ampere fast-blow fuse has blade connectors. The 18889 sits inside of the in-line fuse holder contained in the 18133 power cable. It was incorporated into the 18133 power cable beginning 22 March 2006.
The 4905 Single 4-Unit Silica Desiccant Bag is packaged in Tyvek. The supplied desiccant should fill the initial needs of most applications, but should be periodically replaced.
The 10873 is a serial cable that is useful for connecting the RS-232 port of the datalogger to the 9-pin RS-232 port of a computer. The cable is six feet long.
This active GPS antenna provides 30 dB of preamp for weak signal or long cable run applications. It also provides filtering to improve immunity to other RF signals, making it highly jam resistant. Its weatherproof package is designed to withstand exposure to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, rain, snow, and sun.
The enclosure supply kit includes desiccant, a humidity indicator card, cable ties, wire tie tabs, putty for sealing the conduit, and screws and grommets for attaching peripherals to the enclosure backplate.
This aluminum 0.75" IPS threaded pipe has a 10" length.
The 8125 is a small, flat-bladed screwdriver that is extremely useful for opening the guillotine terminals on our dataloggers and measurement control devices.
This right-hand circular polarized (RHCP) antenna has a gain of 11.0 dBi. An adjustable mounting bracket is included.
The 2376 consists of small, 3 cm square tabs with adhesive backing. The 2376 mounts attach to the inside of an enclosure to provide an anchor for attaching the cable ties. The cable ties, in turn, are used to secure cables and wires, thus providing strain relief and cable routing inside the enclosure.