17387 ClimaVue 50, MetSens or WindSonic Mounting Pipe Kit


The 17387 is included with the WindSonic1 and WindSonic4, and it is also offered as a replacement item. In addition, it is used to mount the MetSens sensors. This mount includes a 17386 Mounting Tube, a right-angle bracket, two U-bolts, and four nuts. It is used to attach a WindSonic to a tripod or tower via a CM202, CM204, or CM206 crossarm. The 17387 is also used to mount a ClimaVue™50 to a crossarm.

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Detailed Description

The 17387 includes a right-angle bracket with two stainless steel U-bolts of different sizes. One U-bolt (pn 1163) measures 5/16-18 by 1.75" and another U-bolt (pn 17446) measures 5/16-18 by 1.5". The 17446 U-bolt mount to a crossarm with an outer diameter of up to 1.5". The 1163 U-bolt can be used to perpendicularly mount a pipe with an outer diameter up to 1.75" (1.0" to 1.25" IPS Schedule 40 pipe).


Weight 793.79 g 1.75 lb)

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