At Campbell Scientific, we pride ourselves on providing solutions to the demanding task of reliably communicating your valuable measurements. As such, we are pleased to announce a new evolution in our license-free radio products in the form of the RF451, RF407, RF412, and RF422.

The RF451 has replaced the RF450. It is sure to please existing RF450 users. We made the RF451 smaller and significantly lower cost than the RF450 while still delivering the same robust high-speed and long-range serial communication links that you’ve grown to love. The RF451 is compatible with our CR6-RF451, CRVW3-RF451, RF450, and FreeWave FGR radios.

The RF407 and RF412 embody our next generation of low-cost short-range 900 MHz radio solutions. These 250 mW serial radios provide a maximum over-the-air (OTA) data rate of 200 kbps—that’s up to 20 times faster than our RF401A-series radios. Though they have a smaller RF link budget than the RF401A-series radios, we are encouraging users to select the RF407 (US/CAN) and RF412 (AU/NZ) for all new installations due to their higher speeds, better noise immunity, and significantly lower cost. The RF407 and RF412 are not OTA compatible with any of our previous generations of 900 MHz spread-spectrum radios.

We have also introduced the RF422, an 868 MHz SRD860 radio, that we believe will be an attractive license-free wireless solution for our users in the European Union. Though it only transmits at 25 mW, the propagation properties of 868 MHz combined with listen-before-talk (LBT) and adaptive-frequency-agility (AFA) allow the RF422 to communicate up to 5 km with an OTA data rate of 10 kbps.

We look forward to creating more products based on this evolution of radios. Keep an eye out for the RF407, RF412, and RF422 radios to be embedded into the new CR300, CR6, and the CRVW3.

RF451 RF407 RF412 RF422

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