Radio networks are as unique as the sites they service. Our new 21107 900 MHz Radio Test Kit Rental (available in U.S. only) will help you further understand and design a better radio network tailored around your specific site requirements. This radio test kit will help you to answer these questions:

  • Will radios work at my site?
  • What radio should I use, RF407 or RF451?
  • What antennas should I use?

The radio test kit includes both the RF407 (0.25 W) and the RF451 (1.0 W) radios. The kit also has temporary tripods and various antennas, allowing you to test the radios using similar conditions as the intended installation. A radio test can easily be performed with one person setting up the test and documenting results. An integrated screen shows test results that include PASS/FAIL, GPS data, and distance between the two test locations. The kit contains radio field survey sheets for recording the test results, antennas used, and the overall performance of the radio links.

Using the radio test kit can facilitate lower project costs and better installations, and can provide a more reliable radio network through a field-proven design. Watch the overview video demonstrating how to use the test kit, and then visit the 21107 radio test kit web page to schedule the radio test kit for your upcoming project.

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