Peripheral-to-RS-232 Interface

DMM600 Duff Moisture Meter

Campbell Scientific stopped manufacturing the SC532A CS I/O Peripheral-to-RS-232 Interface and the DMM600 Duff Moisture Meter. We have a limited number of these products in our inventory, and they will no longer be available after our inventory is gone.

Introduced in 2001, the SC532A enables communications between a PC and some Campbell Scientific peripherals. This interface is required to connect a PC to the RF500M Radio Modem’s CS I/O port. Alternatively, users can connect the PC to the RF500M’s RS-232 port, which only requires the null modem cable shipped with the RF500M. The SC532A is also used in MD9 multidrop networks, but the MD9 Multidrop Interface was generally replaced by the MD485 Multidrop Interface. Other peripherals that require the SC532A to communicate with a PC have been retired for many years.

Campbell Scientific developed the DMM600 in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, and Missoula Technology and Development Center. The DMM600 is a standalone duff meter that measures moisture content in duff, an important component of forest fire fuel. Duff moisture content measurements are used to assess an area’s fire hazard. There isn’t a direct replacement for the DMM600. 

If you need an SC532A or DMM600, purchase it soon to ensure that it is still available. Campbell Scientific makes quality products that remain in the field many years after we stop manufacturing them. Because we are committed to our customers, we will continue our customer support and repair services for these products when they have been officially retired.

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