Campbell Scientific will be offering three new solar radiation shields manufactured by MetSpec. The RAD06, RAD10, and RAD14 are naturally aspirated radiation shields that allow air to pass freely through the shield, keeping the probe at or near ambient temperature. They have a double-louvered design that provides superior sensor protection from driving rain, snow, and insect intrusion, and have lower self-heating at higher temperatures and low wind speeds. These features result in a better air temperature measurement.

The models differ in the probes that they can house and protect.

Radiation Shield Temperature Sensor Temperature and RH Sensor
RAD06 6-Plate Shield 107, 108, 109 CS215, HMP60
RAD10 10-Plate Shield HC2S3, CS215*
RAD14 14-Plate Shield HMP155A

*No adapter is required for housing the CS215 in the RAD10. Housing a CS215 in a 10-plate shield instead of a 6-plate shield slightly improves its accuracy.

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