Using a Campbell Scientific CR800 datalogger and Hughes9502, Water and Earth Technologies (Fort Collins, CO) provides real-time stream-gage data over a highly reliable satellite IP connection. This data is fed in real time to TriLynx's NovaStar software.

Campbell Scientific products and systems are known to be useful in remote, standalone locations. The Hughes9502 Satellite Terminal Kit is ideal for stations outside the area of cellular coverage. It adds real-time IP communications to the remote station using the Inmarsat Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) satellite network. This network consists of three geostationary satellites that provide data services around the world.

The Hughes9502 Satellite Terminal Kit has all the hardware needed for IP communications using the Inmarsat BGAN. It includes the Hughes9502 terminal, directional antenna, antenna cable, mounting hardware, and the cables needed to connect the terminal to the datalogger and power supply. Using the BGAN to provide reliable end-to-end IP connectivity, the Hughes9502 terminal makes it easy to connect to a remote station with Campbell Scientific software or with the many IP protocols supported by our hardware.

The Campbell Scientific Hughes9502 Satellite Terminal Kit includes everything you need to get started, including the Hughes9502 terminal, directional antenna, mounting hardware, and interconnect cables.

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