We are pleased to announce that Campbell Scientific’s repair team is now able to calibrate barometric pressure sensors at our facility in Logan, Utah.

As with any field equipment, we recommend periodic calibration of barometric pressure sensors to ensure data integrity and continuity for all monitoring applications. Continuous operation or exposure to outdoor conditions can introduce components of measurement uncertainty like drift in environmental sensors. We feel that by keeping equipment calibrated, our customers can experience better sensor performance and better measurements for defensible data.

We have recently received and developed the hardware, software, and methodology necessary to properly calibrate the current barometric sensor offerings from our catalog, both the CS100 and CS106 models. We can also calibrate retired CS105 sensors.

Before adding this capability, barometric pressure sensors received through the RMA process for calibration had to be sent back to the manufacturer for calibration. This process increased the overall cost for calibration, and the extended lead time resulted in longer periods of downtime for field measurements.

Our new service consists of a seven-point, NIST-traceable calibration for the CS106, and a NIST-traceable calibration with a six-point verification for the CS100 and CS105. Calibration services are typically completed within our standard seven-day lead time.

This added convenience and quality of service will help you be proactive about servicing your equipment to ensure station operation and data quality. The manufacturers of these barometric sensors recommend annual calibration.

If you have any questions about this service, please contact our repair team at 435-227-9105 or ask a question on our website

Before sending any products to Campbell Scientific, please contact our customer service department to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number: 435-227-9100.

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