TDR200 time-domain reflectometer

The TDR200 time-domain reflectometry (TDR) system is now available for orders and is shipping worldwide. We are offering the TDR200 as an improved update to the TDR100 for use in soil moisture and electrical conductivity, rock mass deformation, and slope-stability applications.

Enhancements in the new TDR200 include a smaller, redesigned housing, better noise filtering, improved electrostatic discharge protection, and easier PC access via USB connection. The TDR200 also outputs more data points per waveform than its predecessor, improving the measurement resolution, which is key to many transmission-line applications.

Version 3 of the PC-TDR software package is also now available for use with the TDR200. PC-TDR is redesigned, with a more intuitive graphical user interface, enabling quicker and easier setup of TDR systems and networks. The software package also includes a new calibration wizard and provides better help for testing and troubleshooting the system, as well as generating datalogger programs.

Find out more information about the TDR200 and new PC-TDR, including specifications, by visiting the product pages on our website.

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