The new CS470 and CS471 are compact bubbler sensors manufactured by OTT. They are ideal for areas where submersed sensors can be damaged due to corrosion, contamination, flood-related debris, lightning, or vandalism. These sensors have a pump that produces compressed air bubbles, whereas other bubblers use nitrogen tanks that need to be periodically exchanged. The elimination of tanks means fewer site visits, saving time and money.

The CS470 and CS471 determine liquid level by measuring the pressure required to force compressed-air bubbles through a submerged tube. A pressure transducer measures the tube pressure and the atmospheric pressure at the surface. This technique compensates for temperature effects and long-term drift in the transducer, producing a more accurate measurement.

The two models differ only in their accuracy.  The CS470 provides an accuracy of ±0.02 ft. The CS471 is more accurate, with an accuracy of ±0.01 ft.

Visit the CS470 or CS471 product page.

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