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What is Hydro-Link?

Hydro-Link is a software utility to more easily configure a Data Collection Platform (DCP). The software walks through the steps of setting up the various components of the station, including the datalogger, sensors, and communication devices. In addition, Hydro-Link is used to set alarm conditions and manage measurement data.

As a programming aid, Hydro-Link provides a simple GUI interface for configuration of a datalogger. Program changes are simple, quick, and straightforward. 

Hydro-Link offers several useful field tools:

  • A dashboard showing live readings from all the connected sensors for real-time feedback
  • The ability to easily change measurement offsets on the fly without changing the program
  • Automatic offset generation tools
  • Added tools for in-service rain gage testing and verification
  • Flexible data presentation tools, from data tables to graphs
  • Simple and familiar data download options

There are a variety of connection options for configuring a DCP:

  • Direct connect using the USB port to a CR300-series datalogger.
  • Direct connect using the Ethernet port on the CR310 datalogger.
  • Connect remotely to a CR310 datalogger that is connected to the Ethernet.
  • Wirelessly connect to a CR300-WIFI datalogger(CR300 with the Wi-Fi option).
  • After a CR300-series datalogger is configured, use the Hydro-Link PC-based software or any browser to connect to the datalogger.


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