Hydro-Link (Windows Install) 2.01
Updated: 06-26-2020

  1. (New Feature) Added support for SoilVUE SDI-12 soil moisture sensor.
  2. (New Feature) Added support for ClimaVUE complete weather sensor.
  3. (New Feature) Added support for ARG314 tipping bucket rain gage.
  4. (New Feature) Added support for LevelVUE B10 water level sensor.
  5. (New Feature) Added support for the TX325.
  6. (New Feature) Added ability to perform a system update from the Configuration page
  7. Update tab.
  8. (Major) Changes for compatibility with CR300 OS version 10.02.
  9. (Minor) Added ability to reset TX325 to factory defaults.
  10. (Minor) Added the ability set the Random Transit Interval to a minimum of 1 minute (TX325 only).
  11. (Minor) Ability to trigger a random transmission for the TX325 and write the event to a log.
  12. (Minor) Set a fixed clock synchronization time for the TX321 (daily, 12:05 PM).
  13. (Minor) Added more diagnostic values to GOES_Status_Table.
  14. (Minor) Improved ETo calculated value by allowing user to manually enter latitude/longitude/elevation.
  15. (Minor) For ClimaVUE, ETo calculations can use GPS values when available (by entering 0 for latitude/longitude/elevation). Non-zero values should be used when GPS is not available or to override the GPS values.
  16. (Minor) Changed ETo so that an ET calculation will not be performed if the measurement interval is greater than 1 hour.
  17. (Minor) Barometric pressure for ClimaVUE is adjusted to sea level based on elevation.
  18. (Minor) Added optional SDI-12 parameters for CS451, CS475A, and generic.
  19. (Minor) Increased the maximum number of generic SDI-12 values returned from 9 to 15.
  20. (Minor) Renamed the "PakBus/TCP Server Address" setting to "Datalogger/Router IP Address".
  21. (Minor) When performing an update from previous Hydro-Link versions, configuration files will be copied from the CSI drive to the CPU drive.
  22. (Minor) Added caution messages to inform users about incompatibility with older versions.
  23. (Minor) Added a message to inform the user that changes cannot be made to the configuration when logged in as a Read Only user.
  24. (Minor) Changed storage location of Settings.json and dash-config.json from CSI to CPU drive.
  25. (Minor) Dashboard cosmetic changes.
  26. (Minor) Added units and labels to all dashboard variable types.
  27. (Minor) Added an "Enable All Outputs" option for sensors with more than four outputs.
  28. (Minor) Changed the allowed variable name length to avoid compilation errors.
  29. (Minor) Fixed a data type problem with the TCP Port value that could cause connection failures if the value was modified.
  30. (Minor) Fixed a problem where the time displayed for the Next Scheduled Transmission could be a very large number.
  31. (Minor) Made changes to avoid unknown SHEF code indicators in data.
  32. (Minor) Added copyright information to support files.
  33. (Minor) Updated desktop app to Electron version 7.1.2.