FW/ENC Fine-Wire Thermocouple Carrying Case (hold four thermocouples)


The FW/ENC is a carrying case that holds four FW-series fine-wire thermocouples.  Because of their fragile nature, the thermocouples must be shipped in this case.

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Benefits and Features

  • Holds four fine-wire thermocouples
  • Protects thermocouples during shipping and transport


Detailed Description

FW-series thermocouples returned to Campbell Scientific for repair without the FW/ENC case will be shipped to the customer in a new case and their account will be charged accordingly.


Capacity Up to 4 FW-series fine-wire thermocouples
Weight 0.36 kg (0.8 lb)


The FW/ENC is compatible with both FW-series and FWTC-series (retired) fine wire thermouples. The FW/ENC is NOT compatible with TCBR-series fine wire thermocouples.